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Gable Room

This wonderful gem has had most of its roof timbers hidden for the last 150 years behind the Georgian gable that forms the present frontage of the south wing.


This was originally the centre of the house and it was connected to the Bulls Head public house next door by an east wing.


It was also the room underneath which all the coaches, horses and carts arrived.

Saint Nicolas' Place and the church next door were financed, in large part, by the wealth generated from the wool trade.


Cart-loads of fleeces and other supplies would have come and gone beneath the Gable Room with noisy regularity.


The arrival of smarter carriages would have heralded the arrival of important guests.


Slots in the wall plates on either side of the room show where the original gateway was.

As of this moment, the Gable Room is currently unavailable to rent, but will be shown during a tour of the building

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