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Whole Hog

Two rashers of smoked back bacon

Two pork sausages

A fried free range egg

Fried tomato

Baked beans


Black pudding

One slice of toast


Little Piggy

One rasher of smoked back bacon

One pork sausage

One fried free range egg

Baked beans

One slice of toast


Vegetarian Breakfast

Two Quorn Sausages

Two free range fried eggs

Fried Tomato


Baked Beans

One slice of toast


Additional breakfast add-on items can be purchased at the till.

Alternative Options 

Two Scotch Pancakes or hot waffles topped with maple syrup/lemon juice and sugar, served with fresh fruit



Two scotch pancakes topped with two rashers of smoked back bacon and maple syrup



Fresh Greek Style Yoghurt with honey and fresh fruit



Two slices of white or wholemeal toast served with real butter and strawberry jam/marmalade


Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs served on a freshly toasted muffin, topped with two rashers of smoked back bacon and hollandaise sauce.


Hot Sandwiches

Bacon - £2.20

Sausage - £2.20

Bacon and Egg - £2.60

Bacon and Sausage - £2.90

Sausage and Tomato - £2.40

Sausage and Egg - £2.60


Upgrade any sandwich to our thick crusty bread for only 30p or to a baguette for 50p extra

On Toast


Cheese/Beans/Egg on two slices of toast.


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